RCSEN received a matching Grant of $50,000 several years ago to launch our BTIO programme to junior high school students in the public school system in the Bahamas.   The programme involves giving computerised dolls to male and female students to take home for the weekend.  These high-tech dolls require feeding, bathing, changing, they cry, smile, etc.  The students then have to write an essay about their experiences over the weekend.  Once the information is downloaded, the coordinators can determine whether the baby was well cared for, died, cried excessively, starved, left alone for long periods, etc.  This information is reported to the student.  The aim is the reduce the incidences of teen pregnancy.  The RCSEN will relaunch this very successful project at several other public schools in Nassau and the Family Islands.  We have committed US$3000 for a Baby Think It Over workshop to be conducted in Nassau during February 2012.  This workshop it aimed at training additional high school teachers and coordinators for the programme.  A RealityWorks team, the company that manufactures the dolls, will be visiting Nassau to conduct the training