The Rotary Club of South East Nassau (RCSEN) celebrated their 40th Charter Birthday with founding father Sir Durward Knowles, aged 98 who is affectionately called "The Admiral." Sir Durward was the President of the Rotary Club of East Nassau from 1975 to 1976 and worked with four Rotarians to establish the RCSEN. It was the East Club that sponsored the RCEN making it the 4th club in New Providence and the 7th Club in The Bahamas that year. Charter President of the Rotary Club of South East Nassau, Edwin Deal, hailed from the East Club and adopted the affectionate title, "The Godfather" since he was the first president of the RCSEN.

The founding officers were of the RCSEN were: President, Edwin L.V. Deal; Vice President, Ernst Brokmeier; Secretary, H.R. (Rusty) Scates; Treasurer,Donald McLeod; and Directors, Jerome Major, Alan Greenwood, Douglas England, Eric Carlsson and George Noble. The RCSEN first met at the Gleneagles Hotel that was located on East Bay Street, every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Membership started at 27 in 1976 and grew to 65 in 1985.  Today, the Club meets at the East Villa Restaurant on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

In its 40 year history, the Club has been instrumental in many projects supporting their local community They were also the first club in New Providence to induct women in 1995, under the presidency of Peter Goudie. During July 2016 to June 2017, the RCSEN will be celebrating 40 years of unselfish "Service Above Self," which is the motto of Rotary International. Judy Reiach who is the daughter of the late Edwin Deal was present for the significant celebrations and it was a happy and emotional time for her as she read the speech her father had written 4 decades ago. A few of the other charter members were not able to attend the anniversary meeting due to the fact that they were on vacation.


Standing from left to right in the photo are: Judy Reiach, daughter of Charter President RCSEN, Edwin Deal, PP/PADG Roger Kelty, President Lillian Russell, Charter member and PP F. Denny Curry and sitting is Sir Durward Knowles.


Pictured are a few of our Past Presidents including President Lillian Russell with Sir Durward Knowles, 'the Admiral' and Judy Reiach, daughter of Charter President Edwin Deal and PP RCSEN & AG Timothy Ingraham.